Meet email marketing intelligence.
Meet Mailytics.

Harness the power of well-organized competitor statistics including their send-out times, product strategies and newsletter designs.

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  • Digital Media Publishing
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Mailytics is an easy-to-use tool for marketing and product managers

Keep track of your competitors and boost your email marketing strategy.
Mailytics helps you improve your campaigns and newsletters based on current trends and hard data.

  • efficient storage and overview
  • competitive insights
  • reminder of marketing days
    you shouldn’t miss
  • knowledge of current trends


Send the right emails at the right time

Including your competitors’ send-out times and dates, upcoming marketing opportunities you wouldn’t want to miss and other relevant information for planning your own marketing strategy.


Compare emails, get inspired and design the perfect campaign

Get inspired or just avoid the same mistakes others have made. Look through dozens of emails relevant to your business and design the perfect newsletter.

Start sending better emails today

You are only one click away from email marketing excellence!