Send the right emails at the right time


Your competitors’ send-out times and dates, upcoming marketing opportunities you wouldn’t want to miss and other relevant information for planning your own marketing strategy.

Strategic planning

All in one place

The Calendar offers a well-organized overview of the send-out times and dates of your competitors. Use this information to refine your marketing strategy and plan ahead according to predictions and reminders.

Best send-out times

Timing is everything

Choosing the right time to send your emails is crucial. Scheduling becomes much easier if you know the specifics of your competitors’ campaigns. If you still can’t decide when to send yours, then let Mailytics do the math.

Special Events

Upcoming marketing opportunities

Black Friday, Halloween, Cyber Monday… Don’t miss great marketing opportunities just because you’re too busy to keep track of them. You’ll get a reminder well ahead of time to make all the necessary preparations.

Start sending better emails today

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